10 ideal free agent fits for the Denver Nuggets after the 2024 NBA draft

With free agency opening up on Sunday night, here's a look at 10 realistic options for the Denver Nuggets to target who would fit what the team needs.
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No. 2 - Kris Dunn, Guard

Dunn would be a dream target for the Nuggets who would fill a bunch of needs. He would fill the void left by KCP on the defensive end while providing a trusty backup point guard on offense in the absence of Jackson.

Dunn is another guy who may just be too good for what Denver can offer, but if he wants to contribute to winning this would be a great fit. Again, he isn’t a very good shooter, but he can do just about everything else for a team.

Dunn is one of the better guard defenders in the league and he’s big enough to scale up in certain spots. He’s very capable of running an offense and has excellent handling and passing skills. He can see the floor and he can also help the team get out in transition - something the Nuggets need more of.

The lack of shooting is definitely a bit of a concern for a team that needs to increase their three-point volume, but of the guys available, he can plug more holes than most. He should also be able to play alongside Murray and allow Jamal to play off the ball and get better looks.