2 dreams, 2 reaches, 2 realistic free agents for the Denver Nuggets to target

The Nuggets have very limited spending power this offseason, but they need to improve their depth. These are 6 potential free agents who could bolster the roster for next season.
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It’s no secret that the Nuggets are short on finances and assets. They have limited means to upgrade the roster this season and most of their resources will likely be put towards trying to re-sign Kentavious Caldwell-Pope once he opts out.

That will leave the team up against the second apron of luxury tax, meaning they’ll be limited severely in their spending power. The team is looking at a $5.1 million annual taxpayers midlevel exception and veteran minimum contracts. Other than signing draft picks and making trades, that’s all the Nuggets have to work with.

The front office and Calvin Booth know that they need to improve the team, specifically the bench after the disappointing loss to the Timberwolves in round two. But with these financial restrictions, the Nuggets are going to have to hope that veterans are willing to take a discount and/or a smaller role to contend for a title.

That can be an appealing proposition for players late in their career, or ones looking to up their value for their next contract (see Bruce Brown). Before free agency kicks off, let’s take a look at 6 players the Nuggets should target in free agency; 2 dream targets, 2 reaches, and 2 realistic options.

Dream #1: The Nuggets get a lockdown perimeter defender in Kris Dunn

The former lottery pick, Dunn has had a disappointing career overall, but he found himself this season in Utah with the Jazz. Dunn had his best offensive season and leaned even more into being a defensive stopper. 

He started for much of the season and helped the Jazz compete for a playoff spot. But injuries mounted and the team chose to emphasize younger players and rebuilding, which meant less opportunity for Dunn. If anything, he played himself out of a job with the Jazz.

But now Dunn will hit free agency at age 30, perhaps seeking a big payday, or perhaps seeking a meaningful role on a team that can contend. If it’s the latter, the Nuggets may be a great fit. They’ll certainly be looking for ballhandling and defense off the bench, which Dunn can provide in spades.

If the team can’t afford to bring back KCP, Dunn would also be a reasonable replacement. But his two-way skillset could help the team plug multiple holes and provide great depth in one swoop. There’s a chance Dunn is seeking more than the Nuggets can offer, but they can give him their full TPMLE and a legit role on a team that may enter the season as the favorites.