2 dreams, 2 reaches, 2 realistic free agents for the Denver Nuggets to target

The Nuggets have very limited spending power this offseason, but they need to improve their depth. These are 6 potential free agents who could bolster the roster for next season.
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Reach #1: Nuggets get poor-mans Jokic for the bench in Xavier Tillman

This is a reach because I’m skeptical that the Celtics will let Tillman get away after trading for him at the deadline. But the Celtics are another team with major financial limitations and so far, Tillman has not been a huge factor for them in the playoffs.

But the X-man made a name for himself in Memphis with his excellent defense and versatility for the Grizzlies. In limited minutes, he put up crazy steal and block numbers and was a menacing defender, getting his hands on balls frequently and creating turnovers.

On offense, he’s a solid connective piece and can set screens and play out of the short roll. He’s not much of a shooter, but if he’s left alone in the corners he can hit some threes. Tillman could play backup center for the Nuggets or play alongside another big man.

At just 25 years old, Tillman would be a worthy investment for a Nuggets team that needs to get younger. He could step right in and play off the bench, but there’s also still upside and room to improve. The fact that he already has a fair amount of playoff experience can only help. They could kill multiple birds with one stone with the addition of Tillman this summer.