2 dreams, 2 reaches, 2 realistic free agents for the Denver Nuggets to target

The Nuggets have very limited spending power this offseason, but they need to improve their depth. These are 6 potential free agents who could bolster the roster for next season.
Philadelphia 76ers v New York Knicks - Game Five
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Reach #2: Nuggets bring in veteran floor general, Kyle Lowry

There’s a chance the former NBA champion point guard, Lowry could retire, and if he doesn’t he’s likely to want to stay in his hometown of Philadelphia. His name has been mentioned with a few other contenders, but why not the Nuggets?

Lowry proved over the past couple of years that he can still contribute at a high level in the playoffs with the Heat last year and the 76ers this year. He’s still a crafty player who has the basketball IQ to get it done on both ends; pestering players on defense and running the offense and hitting big shots on the other end.

Even at the age of 38, Lowry showed why he’s a winner through and through and he could probably still help any team trying to reach the ultimate goal. He’d be a massive upgrade off the bench over Reggie Jackson, while he could also partly replace KCP if Caldwell-Pope leaves in free agency.

He’s also a good enough defender that he can scale up and play alongside another point guard as Lowry frequently closed games alongside Tyrese Maxey this season. The Nuggets could use everything that Lowry would bring to the table and he would be a great two-way addition to a team that will be hungry to win another championship. It’s a glove-in-hand fit if Lowry is interested.