3 free agents slipping through the cracks that Nuggets should pursue

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No. 3) - DeMar DeRozan

This is the big prize still available on the free agency market. The chances of DeRozan taking such a small deal are thin, but nothing is impossible. The veteran star clearly had higher hopes when he hit the market, but it has become clear that the deal he wants isn’t out there.

The Nuggets aren’t known to be on his wishlist, but why wouldn’t he want to come join up with Jokic for a year and prove he can still play at a high level? The Nuggets need another scorer and especially someone who can pressure the rim and get to the free-throw line.

DeRozan can do that in spades and is also one of the more clutch players in the entire league. He’d be a massive addition to the Nuggets and would give them another trusted option down the stretch in big games. The one thing that has eluded DeMar in his career has been a championship and playing in Denver would give him his best chance.

This would be a pretty healthy pay cut for DeMar, and there’s no indication that he’d be open to it, but it can’t hurt to ask. Make a call, see what he wants, and see if there’s any way to make it work. If so, the Nuggets could completely flip the narrative around their entire offseason.