3 Nuggets at risk of being traded this offseason

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Julian Strawther

Strawther has a solid chance to be tarded, mostly because he’s probably the most appealing asset the Nuggets would realistically put in a deal to improve the roster. The 6’7” rookie wing out of Gonzaga hasn’t gotten a chance to show much for the Nuggets this year.

He’s appeared in just 40 games this season, averaging just 12.8 minutes per game. A lot of his opportunities have come in garbage time, or due to injuries and other players out of the lineup. But Strawther has shown some flashes, including multiple games with 20+ points and having multiple games with five or more three-pointers made.

Almost every team in the league could use a big wing who can shoot. There’s a chance that Strawther never develops into a consistent player, but surely there are teams that would give the 2022 first-round pick a chance.

If the Nuggets are just looking to make a small upgrade on the margins, they may be working with little more than some late picks, salary, and a young player like Strawther. He would be a sweetener in a potential deal to acquire a short-term upgrade for depth.

It may hurt, to feel like the team is “giving up” on Strawther so quickly but the move could be mutually beneficial. The Nuggets likely add an immediate role player to help compete for another championship. While Strawther will probably go somewhere we can be a rotation player right away and get a chance to carve out a real role in the league.