3 paths for the Denver Nuggets to acquire Russell Westbrook this summer

The former NBA MVP is on the trade block as the Clippers work with him to find a new home. The Nuggets appear to be at the top of the list, but finding a deal that works for all parties involved may prove to be difficult.
Los Angeles Clippers v Dallas Mavericks - Game Three
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Option 3.) - Westbrook gets waived and Nuggets sign him

The reality of the situation is that there is not much of (if any) market for Westbrook at this stage in his career. If the Clippers had a trade lined up, it probably would have been done by now. They may simply end up waiving Russ to get him off the team and free up the roster spot.

This could also be the case if he ends up in part of a separate deal that doesn’t involve the Nuggets. For example, if he ends up going back to the Jazz in the Dunn sign and trade (unlikely, but possible), Utah would have no desire to keep Westbrook on their roster and would almost certainly buy him out of his contract.

At that point, whatever team waives Westbrook would send him to free agency. Then Russ could sign with any team and the Nuggets could move to the front of the line without having to figure out any complicated trade details.

The Nuggets could offer Russ a veteran minimum contract or part of their $5.2 million taxpayer midlevel exception. Then Westbrook would be free to join the Nuggets immediately and the team wouldn’t have to part with anything but money. 

Any of these three options would ultimately work and get Westbrook to Denver, which seems like the way things are trending. Hopefully, it’s as painless as possible and the team can get this done and start focusing on other holes in the roster.