3 Sleeper trade targets for the Denver Nuggets to pursue

The Nuggets must get creative this offseason to improve the roster with moves like these three potential trades for sleeper targets this offseason.
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2.) See if the other Martin brother can become a playoff hero

We all know about Caleb Martin and his playoff heroics for the Miami Heat a season ago. But what about his brother Cody? Cody has a similar skillset to that of Caleb but has found it hard to make an impact wallowing on teams like the Hornets.

But he was surprisingly efficient on a struggling Hornets team even while being overtasked with lead ballhandling duties for much of the season. He’s a role player who was thrust into a massive role but he still played well and showed his ability. There’s a real chance that, much like his brother, he would thrive as a true role player on a good team.

That would be the situation in Denver and there’s a chance the Hornets are willing to deal Martin as they are starting a fresh rebuild. The new ownership team in Charlotte has pretty much cleaned house and Martin is one of the few remaining veteran players. 

The Nuggets could likely pry him away for some draft capital and matching salary. Martin would immediately be a solid upgrade to the bench and can do a little bit of everything as a guard or wing with solid defensive skills. He’s someone the Nuggets should definitely look at and have a realistic path to acquiring.