3 Sleeper trade targets for the Denver Nuggets to pursue

The Nuggets must get creative this offseason to improve the roster with moves like these three potential trades for sleeper targets this offseason.
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3.) The Nuggets dream big and go for Alex Caruso

Caruso would be a little loftier of a target but he’s still making under $10 million and he’s entering the final year of his contract. He’s desired around the league but the Bulls may have squandered their best opportunity to truly cash in.

The Nuggets could put together an enticing deal, depending on what the Bulls would be looking for, and could offer Nnaji, another young player like Julian Strawther or Jalen Pickett, this year’s first-round pick, and perhaps some further draft capital. 

That may seem like a lot for the Nuggets to part with, but if Caruso is available, teams will be paying up to try and add him. He’d be worth the investment for any team aiming to win a title in the near future.

Caruso is one of the best defensive players in the entire NBA, especially at the guard position. He’d arguably be an upgrade over KCP and alongside him could help the Nuggets become an elite defensive team. He can do enough with and without the ball to be a passable offensive player, and if anything his teams have wished he would shoot more. He can hit open shots, but he would clearly rather be a connective player.

But adding a solid offensive player who can handle the ball and hit open shots while anchoring a defense on the perimeter would put the Nuggets team on another level. The Bulls have been stubborn and reluctant to part with players in the past, but if they are truly ready to rebuild, the Nuggets should submit their best offer.