3 Teams that could steal Kentavious Caldwell-Pope away from Nuggets this offseason

KCP has proven to be a champion as a role player and key starter for multiple teams. If he declines his player-option he'll be a hot commodity on the free agent market and the Nuggets may struggle to keep him.
Denver Nuggets v Minnesota Timberwolves - Game Four
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3.) 76ers add final piece to championship puzzle

Perhaps the biggest threat to steal Caldwell-Pope away from the Nuggets is the Philadelphia 76ers. Philly has been trying to break out for years, running into the same wall again and again. But they seem to have finally found a reliable sidekick to Joel Embiid in Tyrese Maxey, now they just need to fill in the roster between their two stars.

The Sixers also have the rare luxury of holding max cap space while contending for a title. The Sixers can afford to go after a true superstar while maintaining enough cap room to outbid the Nuggets for the services of KCP.

He’d be taking a very meaningful role and still playing for a team with title aspirations; this one in a weaker Eastern Conference and holding another big man perennial MVP candidate. Caldwell-Pope has won a title with the Lakers and Lebron and the Nuggets and Jokic. The idea of adding a third ring with Joel Embiid may have some appeal to Caldwell-Pope.

There’s also a chance the team may add a third star like Paul George or Brandon Ingram and KCP could slide into a natural role as a perimeter defender and spot-up shooter. Ultimately we don’t know what he’ll prioritize and we can only hope he stays in Denver. But he’d be an excellent fit on almost any team in the league.