3 Things Nuggets fans should root for, 2 to root against to close season

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors
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Root against: Exerting too much energy

As much as I’d love for the Nuggets to get the number one seed in the West, the most important thing for the team is getting healthy, getting rested, and starting off the playoffs feeling fresh and ready to go.

If the Nuggets are fully healthy and playing their best basketball, I’m fully confident in them beating any team, any time, any place. I’m not worried about having to play on the road in Minnesota or Oklahoma City for one extra game in a series.

What I am worried about is the team being fatigued or less than 100% health-wise. Nikola Jokic and Aaron Gordon have been all over the injury report lately and Jamal Murray has missed six games in a row due to injury.

Hopefully, none of those issues are very serious or cause for concern, but the point is, we need all hands on deck. If the team isn’t whole, they don’t have a chance, and homecourt isn’t going to matter anyway.

I’m not saying the Nuggets have to put everybody on ice until the playoffs or anything like that, but they have to be smart. There’s no reason to treat these last games with great urgency. Let the bench get going, and make sure the stars are able to get a little extra rest.