4 Stars the Denver Nuggets could trade Michael Porter Jr. for this summer

Some believe the Nuggets may shop MPJ this offseason to balance the roster and bolster depth, but what if they try to deal Porter Jr. for a star player instead?
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Star No. 3: Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls

LaVine is almost an idealized version of what Porter Jr. could have been, but somehow with even more injury concerns and worse defense. LaVine is an absolute bucket - as the kids say - with a smooth handle, an ability to get to the rim, and a silky jump shot. LaVine can score at all three levels and heat up in a heartbeat.

He operates well with the ball in his hands and can truly run an offense. But LaVine’s offense has rarely contributed to winning and his defense and playmaking have left a lot to be desired. There are very real concerns that LaVine just puts up empty stats for bad teams.

Then there are his constant injury issues as he’s struggled to stay on the court as much as almost any star in the league. But LaVine is still 29 years old and his contract isn’t that much higher than Porter’s. This would be a bold and controversial swing for the Nuggets, but the potential upgrade he would provide over MPJ is almost inconceivable.

He’d be an instant offensive dynamo and playing off Murray and Jokic should create an unstoppable offense at every level. LaVine is that good that the Nuggets at least owe it to themselves to see if they can make this work and the potential reward could be well worth the risk.