4 Teams that would make good trade partners for Michael Porter Jr.

Several teams could make sense as suitors if the Nuggets opt to trade Michael Porter Jr. this offseason.
Michael Porter Jr., Denver Nuggets
Michael Porter Jr., Denver Nuggets / Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Detroit Pistons

Another team that could work as a potential trade partner is one of the bottom feeders in the East, the Detroit Pistons. There is little doubt Detroit will be eager to make trades, given their very limited roster right now. Cade Cunningham and Jalen Duren are very solid building blocks, and there are a few other rotation-level players on the roster. But by and large, the Pistons need a major influx of talent if they are ever to get out of the gutter.

Not to mention, there is no change of fate naturally coming Detroit's way. The last two seasons, they have finished with the worst record in the NBA, including a league-record-tying losing streak this past year. Despite that, they have ended up with the fifth pick in the draft both years. The draft lottery has been extremely unkind to the Pistons, and so they will have to create their own luck going forward.

One way they could do that is by putting a strong shooter and secondary scorer next to Cade Cunningham in Porter. In exchange, the Nuggets could potentially try to get back players that would theoretically work well with Nikola Jokic such as Jaden Ivey.