4 Teams that would make good trade partners for Michael Porter Jr.

Several teams could make sense as suitors if the Nuggets opt to trade Michael Porter Jr. this offseason.
Michael Porter Jr., Denver Nuggets
Michael Porter Jr., Denver Nuggets / Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports
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4. San Antonio Spurs

Ironically, the team that helped seal the Nuggets' postseason fate this past season could end up as a solid suitor for Porter as well. After several subpar seasons of their own, the San Antonio Spurs are now trending in the right direction with the multitalented Victor Wembanyama now leading the way. With future-best-player-on-earth potential, Wemby has already drastically altered the course for the Spurs in just one season with the franchise.

Earning his way to being a Defensive Player of the Year finalist in year one, Victor is already here. That much is clear. But as he continues to get better (which is a scary thought on its own) the Spurs will want to be hasty about putting better teammates around him. San Antonio knows it can get back to being a dynasty just like their old days, and they will be keeping their eyes peeled for options.

It seems reasonable that they could already have their eyes on Michael Porter Jr. given his ability to work so seamlessly with Jokic. It is not hard to imagine him also thriving beside Wemby. If the Spurs were willing to part ways with the likes of Devin Vassell, that is something Denver would be remiss not to pursue.