5 sleeper NBA Draft picks for the Denver Nuggets to target

Fans may have a player in mind for the Nuggets to draft on Wednesday night, but things rarely work out the way we want. Here are 5 sleeper options the team should look to target.
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The 2024 NBA draft is barely 24 hours away and it’s still clouded by uncertainty. Even at the top of the draft, there is virtually no consensus, so by the time the Nuggets pick at 28th overall, almost anything seems possible.

The team has been heavily connected to Dayton big-man DaRon Holmes for over a month now, with some even suggesting the Nuggets have made Holmes a promise, causing him to cancel his remaining workouts. But other NBA insiders have denied the Nuggets have made any such promise and even insisted that Holmes will be off the board long before Denver is even on the clock.

It feels like Holmes has been the focus forever and almost a foregone conclusion. He fills an obvious need as a backup center, but we should all expect the unexpected on draft day. If Holmes ends up being the pick, then great. But in case that’s not an option, let’s take a look at 5 under the radar prospects the Nuggets should target with the 28th pick on Wednesday night.

No. 5 - Tyler Kolek, Marquette

Kolek has become a bit underrated after an incredible career at Marquette. He would immediately fill a need as a backup point guard for the Nuggets, with a very high basketball IQ and true lead-guard skills.

He’s already polished and was arguably the best player in one of the best conferences in college basketball for several years. His veteran savvy (for a player in the draft) and fundamentals should make him someone that Michael Malone can trust immediately, which would be key for Denver.

His lack of size is a concern and he will need to improve on the defensive end and prove that he can play alongside Jamal Murray, but for a late first-round pick, Kolek would be an excellent pick up; one who could help the team right away and also has the upside to become a starter down the road.