5 sleeper NBA Draft picks for the Denver Nuggets to target

Fans may have a player in mind for the Nuggets to draft on Wednesday night, but things rarely work out the way we want. Here are 5 sleeper options the team should look to target.
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No. 4 - Jaylon Tyson, California

The Nuggets have taken their share of off-guards and wings in the draft recently, but Tyson would bring a pretty different skillset than guys like Christian Braun and Peyton Watson. While those guys are mostly known for defense, athleticism, and hustle, Tyson is certainly no slouch on that end, but he can provide instant offense with the best of them.

Tyson was probably overtasked with being a lead creator at Cal and the result was inconsistent shooting and high turnovers. But in a smaller role, playing off guys like Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray, Tyson could be an incredible secondary scorer and playmaker. 

While his shot wasn’t knockdown, he can get hot with the best of them and a healthier shot diet should lead to increased efficiency. He should be able to play alongside the stars, but also carry the offense for short spurts here and there.

He may never be a lockdown defender, but he has the size and versatility to make it work with a strong commitment. It feels like the floor for Tyson is a solid microwave scorer off the bench who can get into the lane at will.

Having the tools he does along with the size to get his shot off and also bully his way to the basket would be huge for the Nuggets. If he can cut out some of the sloppy play and improve his jumper, he’ll be an outstanding pro.