5 sleeper NBA Draft picks for the Denver Nuggets to target

Fans may have a player in mind for the Nuggets to draft on Wednesday night, but things rarely work out the way we want. Here are 5 sleeper options the team should look to target.
Notre Dame v Virginia
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No. 1 - Ryan Dunn, Virginia

Saying that Dunn struggled to shoot the ball and make an impact on the offensive end would be putting it kindly, but he makes up for it on the defensive end and then some. He might be the best defensive player in the entire draft and with solid size on the wing he can viably guard every position on the floor. 

He has the potential and ability to be truly special on the defensive end from the word go and he would be an absolute pest coming off the Nuggets bench. Dunn already has an NBA body and his competitive edge and will to win will never be questioned.

Playing with someone like Jokic should really bring out the best in Dunn on the offensive end as he can screen and cut and should make himself useful with pure hustle and energy. Again, the big question mark is shooting, but he has looked solid in some pre-draft workouts.

If he can become a serviceable shooter and at least someone the defense has to respect, he can be a good starter for a long time. His ceiling is unlimited on the defensive end and if he can stay on the court on the offensive end, he will likely be on All-Defense teams in short order.