Anthony Edwards with some parting trash talk for Jamal Murray after beating Nuggets

Denver Nuggets v Minnesota Timberwolves - Game Six
Denver Nuggets v Minnesota Timberwolves - Game Six / David Berding/GettyImages

Overall it was a brutal series for Jamal Murray as he just wasn’t himself for the first six games of the Nuggets’ agonizing 7 game loss to the Timberwolves in the NBA playoffs. Murray was clearly not 100% and was dealing with a bevy of injuries, but he was healthy enough to be out there and he wasn’t able to deliver when the team needed him.

To Jamal’s credit, he did try to gut it out in Game 7 and came out playing like a man possessed, scoring 35 points and 24 in the first half. It was easily his best game of the series, but it wasn’t nearly enough and Murray, like the rest of the Nuggets, faded in the second half as they saw the Timberwolves walk down their 20-point lead and steal the series away from them.

One big factor in slowing down Murray after halftime was the defense of Anthony Edwards. Ant had an off-game on offense, shooting just 6/24 from the field, but he focused on helping his team in other ways, and that included locking up Murray and turning his water off down the stretch.

Despite the big numbers Murray finished with, Edwards was able to take him away for most of the second half while the Wolves made their run. He didn’t give Jamal any space to operate and forced multiple turnovers highlighted by a steal that led to a run-out dunk.

After the game, the Wolves had plenty to say to the media and they weren’t shy at all about showing their confidence and bravado. Ant and Karl-Anthony Towns laughed and joked their way through a long podium interview which included multiple hilarious (and NSFW) moments.

Anthony Edwards talks trash to Jamal Murray

But then on his way out of the arena, Edwards was recorded walking out of the locker room and interacting with a group of friends and media members. The group appeared to be joking around and when one member of the entourage made a crack about a judge and handcuffs, Edwards yelled back “I had Jamal in handcuffs”. 

This was clearly a reference to Edwards’ excellent defense on Murray in the second half of Game 7 and for long stretches of the series. The Wolves won the series and they have every right to be confident and to celebrate. But it’s jarring to see how little they seem to respect the defending champs. It’s just one more thing for the Nuggets to file away as this rivalry continues to blossom.