The best current NBA player from every Sweet 16 team left in the NCAA Tournament

South Carolina v Duke
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4. Alabama Crimson Tide: Herbert Jones

This was perhaps the toughest call on the entire list, but I figured Brandon Miller would almost certainly have this honor for the foreseeable future so why not give Herb his flowers? Jones is one of the best defenders in the entire NBA, and perhaps one of one as far as non-big men go.

His length, athleticism, and instincts are incredible and his defensive highlights are a joy to watch. He brings a certain energy to the Pelicans that is infectious and he has almost single-handedly turned that team into a top 5 defense in the league without a rim protector; an unbelievable achievement.

The third-year forward has also made great strides on the offensive end which has allowed him to stay on the floor. He’s putting up 11 points per game this year and shooting an outrageous 43.1% from three-point range this year on 3.5 attempts per game after shooting around 33% his first two years.

Zion and Ingram get most of the credit and focus, but Jones is a massive reason why the Pelicans have taken a huge leap towards contender status this season. The Hornets’ rookie and second overall pick Brandon Miller has been incredible this year, especially in the second half.

He still has a long way to go and his team is terrible, but he looks destined for stardom and will surely be the top Bama player on this list in short order. Keon Ellis and Collin Sexton have also had nice seasons for the Kings and Jazz respectively.

Crimson Tide legends of days past include Latrell Sprewell, Antonio McDyess, Robert Horry, Mo Williams, and Gerald Wallace.