5 Trade targets Nuggets should explore after December 15

The Nuggets will be searching for help before the trade deadline.
Denver Nuggets, Michael Malone
Denver Nuggets, Michael Malone / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Royce O’Neale

The Nuggets need a trusted 3-and-D wing who can play significant minutes in the playoffs. They would love to find someone to fill Bruce Brown’s 26.5 per game from last season’s run. Ideally, they get a player with a bit more size, so he can defend multiple positions. Denver’s limited draft capital will make things tough, but they should call the Nets.

Brooklyn has a glut of wings and had O’Neale on the trade block in the offseason. They wanted a first-round pick, but could not find a match. Expect the Nets to shop him again before the deadline. The Nuggets have to hope the asking price comes down, so they can get involved.

This would likely be an all-in move for Denver. They can put five second-round picks on the table for Royce O’Neale and hope that interests Brooklyn. The 6’4 wing is on an expiring contract and will likely leave in free agency next summer. Getting five second-rounders is better than nothing.

Royce O’Neale is the 3-and-D wing the Denver Nuggets need. Will they make the move? The defending champions have a plan and want to make it back-to-back titles. Expect them to be active and aggressive, so stay tuned for all the latest.