13 People who turned their backs on the Denver Nuggets

These former Nuggets did not leave on the best terms.
Denver Nuggets, Andre Iguodala
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12. Jerami Grant

The Nuggets gave up a first-round draft pick in 2019 to land Grant from the Thunder. OKC was just knocked out in the first round of the playoffs and decided to embark on a rebuild. Paul George wanted to be traded to the Clippers, and Russell Westbrook was also on his way out. Getting a first-rounder for Grant with just one year left on his contract was a win for the Thunder.

The 6’8 forward helped Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets take a step forward. His versatile defense, floor spacing, and playmaking were a fantastic complement. Denver made the conference finals for the first time since 2009, but Grant did not last long in the Mile High City.

He was a free agent in the summer of 2020, and Grant did not aspire to be a role player. He wanted to prove he could be a top-scoring option, which is why he selected the rebuilding Pistons in free agency. The Nuggets got cash and an exception by working out a sign-and-trade, but it was still a disappointing end of his tenure.

Denver wanted Jerami Grant to return, but could not offer him a larger offensive workload. Nikola Jokic was nearing his first MVP honor. The Nuggets also had Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. as elite scorers. Grant turned his back by leaving the Mile High City to chase more stats.