13 People who turned their backs on the Denver Nuggets

These former Nuggets did not leave on the best terms.
Denver Nuggets, Andre Iguodala
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9. Raymond Felton

The Nuggets acquired Felton from the Knicks in the 2011 Carmelo Anthony trade. He had been a starter since his rookie season but came off the bench in Denver behind Ty Lawson. Chauncey Billups opened the year as the Nuggets lead guard, but he was sent packing in the Melo trade.

Felton was not happy about coming off the bench and let head coach George Karl know about it. The 6’1 guard made his desires clear. Karl and the Nuggets tried to change his mind before trading him to Portland after just 21 games and four months in Denver.

Raymond Felton was in the middle of his prime when he arrived in the Mile High City, and coach Karl was eager to have him. He envisioned a strong point guard duo in Lawson and Felton, but the latter wanted more minutes and to be a starter. Felton got 30.4 each night in the 2011 playoffs as the Thunder bounced the Nuggets in the opening round, but it was not enough.

Felton played eight more years in the NBA for five different organizations and was a starter for three additional seasons after leaving the Nuggets. Denver got Andre Miller back in the deal, but it is fair to wonder what would have been if Felton was willing to play behind Ty Lawson.