Infamous hot take artist claims basketball gods have blessed LeBron to beat Nuggets

Apr 16, 2024; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) reacts
Apr 16, 2024; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) reacts / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Most NBA pundits and analysts seem to picking the Denver Nuggets to continue their dominance of the Lakers and beat them in their first-round playoff matchup. But one of the most known national sports personalities, and one of the biggest LeBron James haters is picking the Lakers to win game one and to win the series in six games.

Skip Bayless, on his show Undisputed, predicted just that. Bayless has famously been extremely harsh on James over the course of his whole career and has made waves in the sports media world with his hot takes and anti-LeBron rhetoric.

Why is Skip changing course now?

So why the turn of faith now? What has possibly caused Skip to change his tune and think that LeBron and the Lakers can pull the big upset and overcome their nemesis, the mighty Nuggets? Well, that’s simple, he believes that the basketball gods have blessed LeBron.

He went on to explain in a lengthy monologue how a chain of events began over a week ago, starting with the Nuggets getting upset by the Spurs and losing the one seed, and culminating with a red-hot LeBron and the Lakers catching Denver at the right time.

Call me a skeptic, but I’m not sure that Bayless is above a good old fashioned reverse jinx and I think that’s what is at play here. There’s no way Skip actually is changing his tune here. I think he sees that the Lakers are completely overmatched and there is no way he can blame this loss on LeBron or hold it against him.

Bayless is full of baloney

So instead, he has chosen to try and shift the narrative. By stating that the stars have aligned for LeBron and that the Lakers are somehow now well-positioned to beat the Nuggets. He is setting himself up to be able to rip on James like usual once the Lakers inevitably lose to the Nuggets yet again.

It’s a brilliant move by Bayless, and there is a reason he’s among the most recognized in his profession. But I’m not falling for it. So nice try, Skip, but I know exactly what he’s rooting for and what takes he’ll be dying to fire off.