Multiple Nuggets rival teams to workout Bronny James, hoping to woo LeBron

USC v Arizona
USC v Arizona / David Becker/GettyImages

The Nuggets are fully focused on their offseason and locked in on improving the roster. It’s time to move on from the disappointing playoff loss to the Timberwolves and time tof focus in on getting back to the mountaintop. The team isn’t far off, but they would certainly be in a better position if they could add star talent to the top of the roster.

Unfortunately, given financial restrictions, that’s no a realistic possibility for the Nuggets this summer. That is, unless they go for something crazy. Conventinoally speaking the team is very limited in what they can do to add talent, but that’s not factoring in the possibility of getting creative.

How can the Nuggets add a superstar?

One wild move the Nuggets can consider is using a draft pick on sone of LeBron James, Bronny James in June’s draft. Bronny is a marginal NBA prospect at best, but plenty of teams are clinging to the hope that LeBron will want to live out his dream and play alongside his son in the NBA. 

If using a second round pick on Bronny James is the cost of signing LeBron to an under-market deal, that’s a price you pay one hundred times out of a hundred. It may be a longshot, but if LeBron signed with the Nuggets and slotted into the lineup alongside Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, and Aaron Gordon, Denver would be massive favorites to win another championship.

The chances of LeBron coming to the Nuggets are slim, but so are the chances of a second round pick contributing to a championship team in the next few years. If there is even the slightest chance of luring LeBron to Denver, that is something the team should do in a heartbeat.

Lakers and Suns working out Bronny

A pair of Western Conference competitors to the Nuggets are giving Bronny a pre-draft workout in the Suns and Lakers. The Lakers oivously emply Bronny’s dad and are hoping to keep LeBron in a Lakers uniform for the rest of his career at all costs. The Suns are up against it and need to be desperate to try something crazy to salvage their disastrous current situation.