NBA world reacts to Nuggets comeback win over Lakers and Jamal Murray buzzer beater

Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets - Game Two
Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets - Game Two / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The NBA world is still catching its collective breath after the incredible playoff doubleheader on Monday night. The evening was capped off by Jamal Murray's heroics in Denver as he buried a buzzer-beater over Anthony Davis to win game 2 101-99. There was no shortage of reactions last night in the moment, ranging from fun to insightful to hilarious.

First, of course we had the videos of the actual shot by Murray, captured from a few different angles.

This is an astute observation by Jared. What other superstar is that willing to play second fiddle in crunch time for the good of his team? Jokic had an all-time playoff game and still was happy to spur on his teammate Murray to bring home the W. That's how dynasties are built.

Naturally it wouldn't be NBA Twitter without some good old jokes at the expense of the Lakers...

We even saw some Nuggets players racing to social media to chime in and praise their teammate. It's cool to see the players fanning out and appreicating Murray's heroics just like the rest of us. Peyton Watson and Christain Braun were clearly impressed.

A staple of just about every Nuggets game, a ridiculous historical stat about Nikola Jokic that almost seems fake at first glance. I wonder how long the Gru thing will stick with the Joker. Just one more thing to endear fans to the big Serb.

Then we had a large segment of the population that simply wanted to appreciate the game, Jamal Murray, the playoffs, and basketball in general.

And okay fine, one more Lakers jab for good measure. This time it's an Anthony Davis joke. Davis was incredible all night and played great defense on Murray on the final possession. But sometimes good offense beats good defense. Davis fell into the Nuggets bench while the team celebrated around him and the rest is meme history.