Nikola Jokic's mystery Nuggets text adds fuel to repeat championship aspirations

Jokic and the Nuggets are on a three-game win streak since the All-Star break.

Denver Nuggets, Nikola Jokic
Denver Nuggets, Nikola Jokic / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Nikola Jokic isn't your typical superstar. His passion for the game is often overlooked, although it shouldn't be. He prefers to stay out of the spotlight, which is hard to do when you're a two-time MVP (soon to be three) and 2023 Finals MVP for the reigning champion Denver Nuggets.

With all eyes on the Nuggets in the 2023 playoffs, casual NBA fans realized that Jokic is more passionate about his life off the court than his life on it. Soon after Denver won its first title in franchise history, Jokic panicked, realizing that he'd have to hang around in Colorado for a few extra days to be part of the parade. He understandably wanted to enjoy his already shortened offseason in Serbia.

His opinion changed at the parade, with Jokic hilariously exclaiming, "I want to f****** stay on parade."

Jokic is indeed a quiet family man who values work-life balance, but what isn't true is that he doesn't care about the game of basketball. He didn't get to where he is without some hard work along the way.

With the All-Star break in the rearview mirror, Jokic is ready to finish the season strong, and hopefully, win another championship. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope revealed that Jokic sent a group message to his teammates after the ASG, but he didn't detail what the superstar said. What KCP did make known is that it gave him and his teammates added motivation for the final stretch.

Nikola Jokic sent motivational text to Nuggets teammates after All-Star weekend

Jokic might be a man of few words, so there's good reason to assume that the text he sent wasn't a long one. What matters is that whatever he said was more than enough to add fuel to an already hot fire.

The Nuggets sit No. 3 in the West with a 39-19 record, right behind the 40-17 Timberwolves and 40-17 Thunder. Minnesota and Oklahoma City have undoubtedly had impressive regular seasons, but Denver in the playoffs is an entirely different beast. Part of that beast came out on Sunday night in San Francisco when the Nuggets clawed back from a 16-point deficit to beat the Warriors.

Jokic will likely add another regular season MVP trophy to his case, but he isn't worried about that. What he -- and his teammates -- want is to win another championship. Oh, and to have another parade!