Nuggets stock watch: 2 intriguing risers, and 1 disappointing faller

Denver Nuggets v San Antonio Spurs
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Stock up: Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon’s stock was already high after last season but it feels like it’s continued soaring. He’s simply been a perfect-fitting player, providing exactly what the Nuggets need on both ends of the floor.

His synergy with Jokic is on another level, and their two-man inside game has become dominant enough to rival the two-man perimeter game of Jokic and Jamal Murray. Gordon is invaluable to the Nuggets, and he’ll take on an even bigger role in the playoffs when he’ll likely assume backup center minutes while Jokic is off the floor.

His counting stats are mostly down this season, as is his usage, but he’s become a bigger, more reliable part of the crunch-time offense and has added a new unstoppable wrinkle to the Nuggets’ already stellar offense. Plus he is defending inside and out as well as anyone on the team.

At 28 years old, and making just $22.3 million this season and $23.8 million next season, he is one of the best values in the entire NBA. Gordon has been an excellent acquisition for Denver and his importance to the team only continues to grow.

If the Nuggets are able to repeat as champions this year, Gordon will be a big reason why. The Nuggets will have to pay up to re-sign him, but they’d be wise to do so, as he’s become one of the most irreplaceable players on the team.