Potential International lineup for Team USA vs World future All-Star Game format

Denver Nuggets v Boston Celtics
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Backup Guard: Jamal Murray, Canada

Murray would be invaluable for this team as he’s the only true guard and ballhandler on the bench. The international team has a plethora of options in the frontcourt, but the drop-off at the guard position is pretty brutal after Luka, Shai, and Jamal.

Murray, the second Nugget on the roster would handle the ball and set up the offense plenty, but he’d also get to run a lot of his usual two-man actions playing off of Jokic, but additionally with the likes of Embiid, Wemby, Giannis, and others.

He’d have to raise his game on defense and would have to defend elite primary guards just out of a need for perimeter defense, but he’s shown in the playoffs that he’s up to the challenge. He’s confident and trusts his game, and he’s got the big-game resume to back it up.

Murray also provides a level of clutch and winning in the NBA that the roster lacks. Beyond Jokic and Murray, the only other championship on the roster belongs to Giannis Antetokounmpo with the Bucks.

If the team gets into trouble late in games, Murray could be a steady hand off the bench. It also might be nice to have an extra shooter and ballhandler out there in crunch time. Good luck figuring out who to take off the floor though.