Potential International lineup for Team USA vs World future All-Star Game format

Denver Nuggets v Boston Celtics
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Backup Forward: Kristaps Porzingis, Latvia

The international team doesn’t need more centers, but much like Wemby and Markkannen, KP could be used in more of a giant wing, or stretch-four role. He has become an elite post-up player in the last couple of years, and that would certainly be useful, but he may be able to help this team more with floor spacing and pick and pops.

But the 7’4” sharpshooter definitely deserves a spot on this squad either way. He’s proven his ability to score inside and out, and with his long frame, he can get his shot up over anyone from any spot on the floor.

He’s become a very good screener, rim runner, and finisher around the basket; all skills that would be greatly useful for this team in a secondary role. He’s shown his ability to fit in gracefully in a lesser role on the Celtics this season, and that would set him up perfectly to play off the bench for this team.

He’s come a long way on defense as well, becoming a capable switcher when needed, while excelling in drop coverage and showing excellent ability to defend the rim. He’s helped anchor the second-best defense in the NBA this season.