Potential International lineup for Team USA vs World future All-Star Game format

Denver Nuggets v Boston Celtics
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Overall breakdown and betting odds

This team would be a juggernaut, plain and simple. They have it all, inside and outside and they arguably have the five best basketball players alive on this team. They could play any style and could trot out almost any combination of players and be successful.

There is clearly a positional imbalance as the drop-off at guard is pretty stark while the team is loaded with centers. But positions in the NBA have changed a lot in recent years, and these centers have the ability to play all over the court and knock down three-pointers.

While a bunch of these guys didn’t actually make the All-Star game this season, they all had a credible case and have either made the game in the past or have a good chance of making it in the future. They are stacked plain and simple.

The biggest issue in this hypothetical game would be keeping up with Team USA on the perimeter. They don’t really have the best options to defend big outside wing creators and scores like Durant, Tatum, Kawhi, and LeBron. 

Those guys will be tough to slow down (duh) and they may have to live with them taking jump shots, but I think I’d still have to set this line at Team World -5.5 points.