Ranking the top 5 Denver Nuggets most likely to be traded this offseason

After a disappointing ending to their season, the Nuggets need to be aggressive on the trade market this summer to improve the roster and extend their championship window.
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4.) Julian Strawther

The logic behind moving Strawther would be similar to the thought process behind trading Braun. The big difference is that, unlike Braun, Strawther is still completely raw and hasn’t established anything in the NBA. He wouldn’t garner as great a return as Braun, but his loss also wouldn’t impact the Nuggets nearly as badly.

Strawther showed some promise early in the year before getting hurt, but he wasn’t able to crack the rotation and who knows if he will be ready to play for a contending team next season. But the 22-year-old still has tons of upside and could be appealing to rebuilding teams or teams that were high on Strawther during the draft process.

There is still some positive value that can be gleaned from Strawther and he provides a useful skillset that most teams in the league could use. Strawther could be added as a sweetener along with a pick to land a rotation player. With the Nuggets’ current lack of depth, that could make a huge difference next season.

While it would be painful to part with Strawther, who came in with very high hopes, the Nuggets are going to have to take some risks and be willing to take a swing to add players who can help Jokic and the Nuggets immediately.