Ranking the top 5 Denver Nuggets most likely to be traded this offseason

After a disappointing ending to their season, the Nuggets need to be aggressive on the trade market this summer to improve the roster and extend their championship window.
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2.) Zeke Nnaji

The Nuggets had such high hopes for Naji when they signed him to a four-year extension that will kick in this coming season. But Naji wasn’t consistent this year and wasn’t able to earn a consistent backup big role over DeAndre Jordan. Now that contract is looking like a bit of a disaster as Naji was unplayable in the playoffs and is set to make about $32 million over the next four seasons.

The Nuggets can’t afford to have that kind of sunk cost sitting on their bench so they are going to have to be aggressive in moving Naji to free up that money for better use. Unfortunately, Naji doesn’t hold much trade value right now after his underwhelming season and with his extension about to start.

Denver will likely need to pay to get off Naji, which will be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s the price they have to pay at this point. Booth needs to scour the league to find useful talent making around $9 million this coming season and a team that will be willing to take a shot on Naji. 

The Nuggets can throw in second-round picks as needed to sweeten the deal if they must. But as of right now, Naji has the fifth-highest guaranteed contract on the roster for next season, which is just not tenable.