Ranking the top 5 Denver Nuggets most likely to be traded this offseason

After a disappointing ending to their season, the Nuggets need to be aggressive on the trade market this summer to improve the roster and extend their championship window.
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1.) Michael Porter Jr.

This is the big one that could really shake things up and rattle some cages, but it’s a move the Nuggets have to seriously consider. MPJ completely disappeared in the Wolves series and proved to be extremely one-dimensional. When the shots weren’t falling, he was basically a negative on the court and Michael Malone opted to play Christian Braun over Porter Jr. in several key moments.

Porter Jr. has proven himself plenty in the past and there aren’t many 6’10” players in the league who can can shoot like Mike can. But the team signed him to a rookie max contract and now Porter is the fourth option on the team while being due $115 million over the next three seasons.

That isn’t going to be feasible as the Nuggets are going to have to pay up if they want to keep Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and extend Jamal Murray and Aaron Gordon. All three of those guys should be priorities over Porter and that makes him the odd man out.

On top of that, Porter is still a positive trade asset and could actually bring back a nice return for Denver. He’s still a young player with a rare skillset and could slot in as a second or third option on a young, up-and-coming team. His big salary also means the Nuggets could take back a really good player or several solid role players.

Saying goodbye to Porter Jr. won’t be easy, but it may be necessary for the Nuggets to improve the team and extend their championship window.