Re-grading the 2023 NBA Draft one year later pick by pick

Denver Nuggets v San Antonio Spurs
Denver Nuggets v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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The 2024 NBA draft is rapidly approaching as it will get underway on Wednesday night. As one can imagine, the takes are hotter than lava and people with no real knowledge of draft prospects have completely planted their flags and married themselves to opinions for one reason or another; ah draft season.

Everyone thinks they have all the answers but in reality, most of the draft is a crapshoot and this year figures to be no different. In fact, there is less consensus than ever in terms of which players should be picked where - even at the top.

But in years past there has at least been a higher success rate generally picking near the top before things tend to fall off fairly quickly. But just how well do teams fair in the draft? Let’s go back in time to last year and regrade the 2023 NBA draft one year late.

We’ll start at the top and go pick by pick, rehashing each first-round selection and grading the pick based on what we know after one full season. Hopefully, this will be a good exercise to remind people not to overreact to whatever may happen on Wednesday and Thursday.

Round 1: Pick 1: San Antonio Spurs - Victor Wembanyama

Grade: A+

This was as big a no-brainer as there has ever been for an NBA draft pick and so far Wemby has lived up to the hype and then some. It looks like the Spurs have landed a generational talent (again).

Round 1: Pick 2: Charlotte Hornets - Brandon Miller

Grade: A

At the time there was no consensus around this pick as many experts thought Scoot Henderson was the play. But credit to the Hornets as it appears they analyzed things correctly and secured a star wing player.

Round 1: Pick 3: Portland Trail Blazers - Scoot Henderson

Grade: C

Early returns were not at all promising for Henderson. He came on down the stretch, but his rookie season was mostly pretty ugly. The good news is that young point guards usually take a few years to develop but the Blazers will want to see a big year-two leap.

Round 1: Pick 4: Houston Rockets - Amen Thompson

Grade: B+

Amen took a bit to get going but he looked like a very good NBA role player in the latter half of the season. He still needs to develop a jump shot, but his defense, playmaking, and athleticism jumped off the screen.

Round 1: Pick 5: Detroit Pistons - Ausar Thompson

Grade: B

Ausar profiled similarly to his twin brother in year one but he had fewer opportunities to showcase his abilities. The Pistons under Monty Williams were such a complete mess that it’s hard to even get a read but Detroit fans should still be excited about Ausar; if the shot comes along he’ll be a star.