New York Knicks shooting guard Iman Shumpert (21) doing what he does best - - defend! Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Should Denver Nuggets Revisit Iman Shumpert Trade Talks?

One of the hottest Denver Nugget trade rumors last season revolved around Kenneth Faried for Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks.  I hated the idea then and still hate the idea now.  The disliking of the idea was due to the notion of giving up on Faried.  Although I do not expect the Nuggets to extend Faried before the season starts, I do not want the Nuggets to move him.

I do however like the idea of adding Iman Shumpert to Denver if the price is right.  Simply stated, Iman Shumpert is a shooting guard without a great shooting touch or great playmaking ability BUT is setting himself up to be quite the defensive specialist.  From a trade deadline article by Yahoo Sports Doug Brockwell,

“Ty Lawson can get his own shot and Wilson Chandler has nights where he’ll fill up the stat sheet, but with Danilo Gallinari out Denver is missing a guy who can reliably give them close to 20 points a night. If The Nuggets had a great scoring wing, it might make more sense to add a defensive specialist to the backcourt.”

Danilo Gallinari, and his career average of 14.5 points per game, should be back in time for the 2014-15 season.  For Denver to be successful, either Gallo or Wilson Chandler need to score 20 points in a given game from the small forward position.  Using Doug Brockwell’s logic, that would justify Denver bringing an Iman Shumpert prototype.

Recently the New York Post had an article surmising that new President Phil Jackson may re-visit trade talks with the Oklahoma City Thunder about Iman Shumpert.  The reported offer on the table from the last trade deadline was OKC’s  29th overall pick in the NBA draft.  OKC also holds the 21st pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.  Iman Shumpert was originally drafted 17th overall in the 2011 NBA draft.  Therefore giving up our number 11 pick in the 2014 draft seems a bit steep of a price.  Would offering the New York Knicks both Nugget second round picks be enough?  Can Denver’s first pick from last year’s draft Erick Green be used to entice Phil Jackson into dealing Shumpert to Denver?

Acquiring Iman Shumpert is not a method to supplant Randy Foye as the starting shooting guard.  Rather acquiring Shumpert is a way to push Evan Fournier.  I see Shumpert complimenting Fournier much like Darrel Arthur compliments Kenneth Faried.  I could see a Shumpert/Fournier duo becoming a great rotation at the 2 in the coming years.

From a recent Chris Dempsey article from the Denver Post,

“So they’ll retool, and they’ll start by using the pick as a key cog in the improvement. Trading the selection for a veteran and moving up in the draft are the two areas of most interest to the Nuggets.

“I don’t think things will pick up until the next week or so,” Connelly said. “But after a relatively quiet trade deadline, I think we’ll see a more active build-up to the draft. I would imagine we’ll have a lot of trades.”

The Nuggets haven’t ruled out using the pick, which in this talented, deep draft, could net them a player they could certainly use.”

Acquiring Iman Shumpert for second round draft picks does so without giving up future potential.  Shumpert has not yet reached his ceiling in the NBA but is more advanced than Fournier and obviously more advanced than a second round draft pick would be.  If the Nuggets could acquire Shumpert while keeping the #11 pick and not moving a body from last year’s roster, then the price is right!


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  • ☀Trey Mitchell☀

    I’d definitely trade the two second rounders, don’t think I’d do the #11 pick though.

    • Adam

      Shumpert is most definitely worth the 11th pick and 2nd round picks, just look at how must potential he has and surely is one of the best defenders no question about it.

  • john in denver

    Most definitely. Straight up trade. We get the Iman, Knicks get JaVale and his zillion dollar contract.

  • Adam

    Trade Shumpert for 11th pick and 2nd round pick that would be awesome, or trade both 2nd round picks for 30th pick plus Erick Green and get Thanasis Antetokounmpo. We must also let Randy Foye go because i believe Evan Fournier is one of our future glue guys and also more well rounded game than Foye.

  • Adam

    Also one of the rawest talents in this draft is Thanasis Antetokounmpo, i would recommend going after him with the 11th pick because most importantly what he will bring to this team as a defensive stopper well guarding 3 positions and very underated IQ and shooting ability. Please bring him in for a draft workout

  • msnyc10

    Here goes another decade of futility. Jackson is about to be exposed. RILEY was someone who knew how to work with what he had and maximize the roster and approach around it. Jackson is living in his glorious past that was predicated on coaching two teams each with 2 top 25 players of all time, triangle and zen notwithstanding. Now he scoured the league for any player who played for him who ‘gets’ the triangle so he can put an inexperienced coach in charge of teaching a complex system to a group of players without the skills or basketball IQ or even character to implement it. Meanwhile he is going to consider trading what should be the core of his rebuilding process. Get rid of Melo. Build around Shump and Hardway, keep Prigioni to mentor and anchor them. Keep Stat since he shoots 56% and gets 2/3 of Melos points on 1/10th the shots. Harness Smith.Get rid of everyone else and get ready for 2016. And get a damn coach who has a winning record AND a style of play that makes sense for NY Knicks 2015 not Chicago 1996.

  • Chain Breaker

    I would offer the Two 2nd rounders, maybe even trade Fournier and draft Stauskas or Harris.

    • Adam

      You don’t know how much Shumpert is worth….. people are comparing him to Kenneth Faried

  • Craig A. Hunnel

    Shimmery for two second rounders is a lalala dream, won’t happen! GM’s lose their jobs for those trades !
    I see a package of MaGhee and Aaron Brooks for Shumpert and a number 2

    MaGhee’s contract scares people away, so basically we are going to have to give up something for him
    Love, Lawson, Shumpert , and Gallinari and Mozgov! Will get allot of people’s attention
    Add in Zack Levine or even TJ Warren and Denver could have a legit team for years