What Carmelo Anthony’s Rumored Return To NY Means For Denver


It appears Carmelo Anthony is going to re-sign with the New York Knicks for the max deal according to multiple media reports.  After the long, tedious, annoying, and time consuming period that was Melo’s free agency, it looks like he’ll end up just taking the money.  What does this mean for the Nuggets?  It means they can finally start to make moves, as the dominoes are starting to fall into place.

Mike Miller is the most likely of signings for the Nuggets this summer, but even then that seem unlikely.  Miller is more than likely waiting for Lebron’s decision, be it Cleveland or Miami, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if Miller does wind up in Denver.  Miller would be a great fit, providing leadership for the young guys, and the ability to hit the three ball anywhere on the court, even with one shoe on (See: NBA Finals 2013).  Mike Miller in a Nuggets jersey would be a refreshing sight, as the Nuggets haven’t been the type of team to go after the unsung heroes of finals winning teams, so it would be a great fit.

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Melo re-signing with the Knicks unofficially kicks off the free agency period, as now all of the guys waiting on what was going to happen with the big two are coming to a close, the market is open for business.  What does that mean for the Nuggets?  Not a lot.  The Nuggets outside of Miller aren’t in the market for much, possibly a piece here and there, but if you’re hoping for the Nuggets to make some noise between now and pre-season, prepare to be let down.