A Nuggets Fan Guide To The NCAA Final Four


This isn’t the most exciting time of year for NBA fans whose teams have essentially been eliminated from the NBA Playoff picture. However, there is always next season for those teams, and the hopes for a new season often hinge on the hopes for new players.

This weekend’s NCAA Final Four in Indianapolis will feature a slew of talent that will likely be NBA-bound once their season comes to an end. With the Denver Nuggets drafting in the lottery this coming June, here are the players fans should keep an eye on this weekend. We might just see one of them in blue and gold next season.

‘The Lucky Ping-Pong Ball Guys’

The Nuggets will have to get lucky to see either of these guys in Denver next season, but you can’t write an article about the Final Four and not mention them. They are without a doubt the headliners of the weekend and will be the headliners of the Draft.

Both youngsters are extremely skilled on the low-block and possess unteachable size and athleticism. While Okafor struggles to defend at times and Anthony-Towns still seems a bit raw, the Nuggets would be extremely fortunate if either of these guys fell in their lap.

‘The Realistic Possibilities’

These guys are more likely to be waiting to hear their names when the Nuggets are on the clock in the mid-lottery, and all could make sense in Denver.

Winslow is an elite athlete who seems to be showcasing more and more of his offensive skill set with each added game. He also possesses all the tools to become an elite defender.

Cauley-Stein will be an elite defender in the league from day one. He has the ability to guard all five positions on the floor, and could be a great energy guy.

Dekker is a proven playmaker who can do a little bit of everything. He can shoot it from it outside, put it on the floor, and he has NBA size.

Lyles is a little more of an unknown. He’s young and has a lot of upside due to his unique versatility. He’s a legitimate 6’10” who can stretch to 18 feet — all while being sneaky athletic.

‘The Unlucky Ping-Pong Ball Guys’

In the event that the balls don’t bounce the Nuggets way, these are the guys you could see hanging around the late-lottery, and any of the three could play their way into the mid-lottery with a big weekend.

Booker is simply a lights-out shooter. I’ve watched college basketball my whole life and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live several times this year. I’m not exaggerating when I say he’s one of the best shooters I’ve ever seen at that level.

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Kaminski translates as a prototypical stretch big in the league. He’s extremely skilled and crafty in the post.

Jones is a floor-general. He knows how to get his teammates the ball in spots, but he’s also not afraid to take big shots if needed.

Anyone who has seen Kentucky play this year knows they have talent all over their roster. While it’s not likely to see any of the unmentioned guys jump into the lottery, I wouldn’t be absolutely shocked if a huge weekend boosted the stock of someone like Dakari Johnson or Andrew Harrison.

So if you happen to turn your attention from the NBA to the college game this weekend, keep an eye out for these guys. You’ll likely be hearing more about each of them as we approach the NBA Draft this June.