Denver Nuggets Draft: Don’t Sleep On The Second Round


There will be a lot of discussion about the Denver Nuggets lottery pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, and rightfully so. The lottery offers the opportunity to add a franchise-changing player. However, the Nuggets will also be picking in the second-round of the draft at least once (they also own trade options for protected picks, etc.).

The second-round can often be considered an afterthought, but there is value to be found. Matt Barnes, Draymond Green, Isaiah Thomas, DeAndre Jordan, and Louis Williams are former second-round draft picks who are all producing in the NBA today.

Finding that value is obviously not easy, but it will be important for the Nuggets to evaluate wisely and take advantage of the opportunity to address holes in their roster with their second-round draft choice.

Here are a few guys projected to be drafted either in the late-first or second-round who could possibly fall to our Denver Nuggets.

  • Kris Dunn – PG (Providence)
  • Terry Rozier – PG (Louisville)
  • Cliff Alexander – PF (Kansas)
  • Joseph Young – PG (Oregon)
  • Treveon Graham – SF (VCU)

It is possible that these guys will be off the board by the time the Nuggets are on the clock in the second-round, but fans should hope that isn’t the case. We should be ecstatic if the Nuggets were able to grab any of the the guys mentioned late in the draft, especially guys like Dunn and Rozier, who would be ready to back-up Ty Lawson immediately, and possess pretty solid upside as well.

I think this promises to be one of the deeper drafts we’ve seen in a while. There may not be one All-Star in the bunch, but there is plenty of NBA-level talent to be had in both rounds.

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