Kenneth Faried News: Nuggets F Working Hard in NBA Offseason


Kenneth Faried has improved leaps and bounds since entering the NBA. Never seen as much more than a bit player, a guy who provides energy off the bench, Faried blew away expectations over his first few years in the league. Following a great showing with Team USA, Faried picked up a nice contract extension from Denver.

Despite getting this pay day, The Manimal hasn’t stopped working (from

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“Every time I go out there and play or practice or do anything, I think I need to improve on something and that’s everything. Every part of my game I can improve on, I try to improve on it,” said Faried.

Faried needs to focus on trying to diversify his game, without losing what makes him good. An improved jump shot would be great, as it would increase his value greatly on offense, and also open up the lane for teammates.

Kenneth Faried has shown that he’s willing to work hard and improve since entering the NBA. If he can continue to do this, he could completely change the way the Nuggets are able to play. Most guys who rely on PnR’s and offensive rebounds to score are centers and impact the game greatly on defense. Faried is not yet a great defender, and can only really play power forward. Therefore, it will be important for him to improve moving forward.