Denver Nuggets Should Bring Carmelo Anthony Back


Due to the recent flow of  Carmelo Anthony trade rumors circulating, the Denver Nuggets should be considered an appealing destination for both Anthony and the Nuggets. Although it is hard to comprehend why he would leave the limelight aura of New York City behind to return to Denver where he didn’t have the utmost success, it makes sense, I swear.

Denver is a team that currently sits on the cusp of rebuilding, but remains one piece away from being a strong playoff contributor. Drafting Emmanuel Mudiay as their point guard of the future to continue building around young big man Kenneth Faried was a step in the right direction, but many more need to be made.

The rest of their roster remains clouded with role-confused guards, foreign bigs, and weak depth at the stretch slots. Wilson Chandler’s contract was extended, cementing him into the near future alongside pieces that include the aforementioned Faried, Mudiay, and the budding Bosnian center Josef Nurkic.

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Faried doesn’t have a polished offensive game yet, and thrives off of athleticism and second-chance baskets retrieved from his teammates’ misfires.

Mudiay will supply strong court vision and more athleticism across the floor, but due to his questionable shooting touch his offensive production will rely on finishing at the rim (defenders will be smart to hack and hack some more; Mudiay has built a reputation of a putrid free throw shooter).

The development of Nurkic will be slow as well, and needs to be accentuated against opponents he can overpower.

What is missing among this future core of theirs is a play that can contribute points in a variety of ways, now. Not in three years when they develop a shot or a consistent post game. Now. Yes, Denver still has Italian gunner Danilo Gallinari holding up the 3 slot, but his game is limited by his location on the floor and experiences more cold streaks than desirable.

And although Chandler’s contract may suggest it, he isn’t the go-to type player on the offensive end.

Melo fits this prototype perfectly. His prime will stretch another two to four years depending on how his health holds. In that time period, he allows a perfect transition for these young players to develop their skill set, while at the same time putting them in playoff contention.

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  • When he begins to decline/leaves the organization, Mudiay will have developed an even strong passing a handling game along with (hopefully) a more consistent shot. Kenneth Faried in 2017-18 is something to look forward to, whether he has Carmelo Anthony on his team or not.   Nurkic will get the amount of touches he needs to develop a reliable post repertoire.

    Melo also fits into the template many teams are looking to venture into with a small ball campaign. A stronger and beefier Melo then when he left Denver in 2011, it makes sense for him to spend time at the 4 alongside Faried or Nurkic in the frontcourt.

    Mudiay can stretch the floor more to build connections with his shooters and bigs, putting Chandler and a gunner like Randy Foye at the 3 and 2 slots.

    Yes, Melo comes from the weak waters of the East to a much cloudier and choppy sea in the West, but I think that will build on his questioned competitive edge.

    As you may notice Gallinari isn’t in these predictions. That’s because I shipped him away in the three-team deal that will land Denver Melo. The trade looks something like this:

    Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

    The Denver Nuggets trade SF Danilo Gallinari to the Phoenix Suns and a 2016/2017 first-round draft pick (top-five protected) to the New York Knicks.

    The Phoenix Suns trade SF/PF Markieff Morris and a 2016 second-round selection to the New York Knicks and a 2018/2019 first-round draft selection (lottery protected) to the Denver Nuggets

    The New York Knicks trade SF Carmelo Anthony to the Denver Nuggets.

    The Nuggets sit under the cap, allowing them to handle the punch in the gut that is Melo’s contract. This cap hit will balance out with the inflow of TV money when the deal is restructured in the coming offseason.

    The Knicks are clearly in rebuilding mode, and although their current roster would presumably make the playoffs, it doesn’t have the chemistry or fluidity to reach past the second or potentially first round. Bringing in a hard-nosed Morris from Phoenix as well as a pair of draft selections allows wiggle room in the rebuilding process.

    It also allows for a quicker progression of rookie Kristaps Porzingis, who will need touches to improve his game.

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  • The Suns debatably get the best deal out of this trade. They remove a disgruntled Morris from their system and replace him with the much-needed shooter at the 3 slot. Gallinari will provide the shooting and complimentary offense to push a backcourt of Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight to become better players.

    Gallinari will also thrive with newly acquired rebounding and defensive monster Tyson Chandler.

    For the naysayers who believe Melo will be harsh on a young core’s chemistry as well as push a new head coach around, you’re wrong. Mike Malone spent his recent seasons handling the knuckleheadedness that is DeMarcus Cousins. And without any other rugged personalities on the Nuggets roster to conflict with Anthony, chemistry would mainly build off respect.

    This potential trade cannot go through until after February due to the signing clause that comes with restructured contracts involved in the trade, but that would be perfect timing. Right now, the Knicks are somewhat hesitant to move Melo. With that extra time they would realize Anthony doesn’t fit with the future plan and development of the team.

    Also, Melo would presumably change back to No. 15, which compliments his figure much better than No. 7 (made him look fat).

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