Kenneth Faried: Why it is time to part ways

DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 25: Kenneth Faried
DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 25: Kenneth Faried /

Kenneth Faried made it very clear at media day he believes he is still a starter, which may hint at the end of his Denver tenure.

Kenneth Faried may have soured his relationship with Nuggets fans permanently. At media day, he made it clear that he still believes he is a starter on the Nuggets’ roster.

Even with the addition of Paul Millsap, Faried still thinks he is a starting caliber player, and he seemed very intent on this statement which may foreshadow some frustration already brewing between the Nuggets’ coaching staff and Faried.

Here is the exact quote from media day.

"Faried: “I’ll just put this out there. I. Am. A. Starter.”Faried: “If this team doesn’t want to give me the minutes, there are 29 other teams.”"

While one can appreciate the desire to prove critics wrong, the tone certainly did not come across as appealing.

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While he did not come and exactly say it, it would seem as if he is irritated by the constant hype from Nuggets fans about newly acquired star power forward, Paul Millsap.

Faried has been involved with trade talks for the past few years now, but the right deal just has not came across for the Denver front office.

However, with these recent remarks, it is time for the Nuggets front office to get on the phone and see about any intriguing offers from other teams for the Manimal’s services.

While finding an even trade on both sides for Faried would be difficult, Denver could still get some quality offers. A team like the Boston Celtics is in need of a hustler and could possibly give Denver some key assets whether it be draft picks or even cash to help with cap space.

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All in all, it looks like the Kenneth Faried is nearing a bittersweet end.