How Denver can slow down New Orleans’ front court

NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 20: DeMarcus Cousins
NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 20: DeMarcus Cousins /

The Denver Nuggets will take on the New Orleans Pelicans and slowing down their front court will be a tall task.

The Denver Nuggets have a premier front court which features Nikola Jokic and Paul Millsap. However, the one front court in the league who is better with no debate resides in New Orleans. The Nuggets will battle the Pelicans next and they will need to devise a plan to slow down Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins.

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While there is no way to actually shut down these guys, there is a way to at least slow them down. The Pelicans have had a propensity to commit a lot of fouls this year and this needs to be exploited by the Nuggets.

Demarcus Cousins has always struggled with foul trouble and this year has been no different. If the Nuggets can get him with a couple of pump fakes and/or frustrate him, then things will open for this Denver squad.

Without Cousins on the floor,Davis will be asked to shoulder most of the load scoring wise which will allow the Nuggets to concentrate their defensive efforts on one of the stars for New Orleans. Not to mention, it will open things up for the offense if Cousins isn’t there to protect the rim allowing Millsap and Jokic to go to work in the post.

In order to get Demarcus in foul trouble, Denver has to attack the rim right away and keep at it. If they give up and start relying too much on the perimeter shooting. If the Nuggets can keep Cousins off the floor and get him to draw fouls, then the Nuggets will be in extremely good shape going forward.

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This will be a huge key in this contest featuring two squads who are both sitting at 8-6 right now.