Nuggets: Failure to land Bledsoe coming back to bite them

MILWAUKEE, WI - NOVEMBER 15: Eric Bledsoe /

The Denver Nuggets are hurting from not trading for Eric Bledsoe, especially with Paul Millsap now sidelined.

The Denver Nuggets are dying for someone to pick up the slack now that Paul Millsap is out for the next three months. While Nikola Jokic is great, he cannot do it all.

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Gary Harris is also reliable, but he is still not at star status quite yet. Denver is now hurting from not trading for point guard, Eric Bledsoe earlier in the season.

Bledsoe is now in a much better place as he is finding success in Milwaukee with the Greek Freak, Giannis Antekounmpo.

If the Nuggets landed Bledsoe, then they would have an extra star to compensate somewhat for the loss of Paul Millsap at this point.

Eric is an athletic freak of nature who has solidified himself as a star in this league. Not only would have trading for him gave Denver a big three, it would also have given Jokic a consistent point guard to run plays with.

While there are some concerns about his injury history, the team could really use some of his production now. Plus, Bledsoe has been healthy this year and is proving his worth to the Bucks.

According to one report, Denver was quote “on the goal line,” when it came to the Nuggets striking a deal for the point guard. Oh, and don’t forget, they also made an attempt to land him in the draft as well.

They came very close, but still failed to come to an agreement with the Suns. Denver does have a promising point guard in Jamal Murray, but he has been inconsistent which has somewhat hurt the Nuggets.

Think if Denver had Bledsoe right now, they wouldn’t be hurting as much as they are without Millsap.

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Denver should have pulled the trigger when they had the chance and now they are feeling the consequences.