Game Preview: Nuggets at Mavericks

DALLAS, TX - APRIL 11: Dirk Nowitzki
DALLAS, TX - APRIL 11: Dirk Nowitzki /

The Denver Nuggets will look to cure some of their road struggles against the Dallas Mavericks.

As the Nuggets come in with a two game win streak, their depth will be put to the test. They have been one of the best teams at home this year, but a terrible road squad.

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They will travel to Dallas without Paul Millsap or Nikola Jokic. Denver is coming off a 15 point win over the Lakers at home, but it is on the road where they need to start translating some success.

This is the perfect opportunity for them to start finding success while traveling. The Mavericks are only 4-10 at home this season while Denver is 3-7 on the road. Not to mention, Dallas is currently in dead last in the competitive Western Conference.

However, the Nuggets cannot overlook them. They still possess a future hall of famer in Dirk Nowitski who will give them fits. Especially without Paul Millsap to help contain him.

On top of this, Dallas also has one of the most intriguing rookies of this year’s draft class, Dennis Smith Jr.

The Nuggets have gotten burned too many times already by taking lesser teams for granted and it has cost them. While they are currently fourth in the Western Conference, they could potentially be third or even second if they would have won a few games they were supposed to prevail in! See the Lakers and Knicks as a couple of examples of teams they should have defeated.

Plus, as eluded to already, the Nuggets have struggled mightily on the road. Do not think Dallas does not know this.

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If the Nuggets can ride the momentum from the last two games, they will have a fair shot at securing a road win without Nikola Jokic. If not, things could get ugly fast.