Denver Nuggets: Could Thomas Welsh overtake Plumlee in the rotation?

The Denver Nuggets decided to take a chance on Thomas Welsh in this past summer’s NBA Draft.

The Denver Nuggets were in need of some depth at the center spot. This led them to draft Thomas Welsh who is a versatile center who came from UCLA.

While head coach, Michael Malone, does seem to be high on Mason Plumlee as a serviceable back up center, one cannot help but wonder if Welsh could give Plumlee a run for his money.

Plumlee is an adequate rebounder, but does not have a jump shot and can only score around the rim (45.8% from the free throw line last year and only 24% from 16 feet or deeper.)

Welsh on the other hand, seems to have the potential to be a more refined offensive weapon. Per sports reference, Welsh averaged 12.6 points per game last season and also shot an outstanding 40.2% from three point territory as well.

Not to mention, he also averaged a true shooting percentage of 57.7% and also possessed an offensive rating of 122.6 in his final year at UCLA. His range will come in handy in the Denver Nuggets’ offensive scheme which emphasizes a high flying offense and utilizes open jump shooters on the perimeter for Nikola Jokic to find when he is going to work in the post.

Welsh is also adept in other areas as well. For his college career, he had an average of 7.8 rebounds per game and also blocked eight percent of shots in his freshman season at UCLA.

Thomas also had an assist percentage of 5.5% for his collegiate career. Not a great percentage, but solid considering he plays the center spot and will have an opportunity to learn from the best passing big man in the game, Nikola Jokic, that’s right, I said it.

It will be interesting to see if Welsh can vie for a spot on the second unit.