Denver Nuggets: Injuries continue, PJ Dozier out with adductor strain

With the recent injuries to the Denver Nuggets including the season-ending torn ACL to Jamal Murray, and the two hamstring injuries to Will Barton and Monte Morris the injury bug could not bite again… right? Especially not to another starting guard… right?

Denver Nuggets’ PJ Dozier goes down with a right hip injury

According to Mike Singer of The Denver Post, the MRI on May 4 showed a right adductor strain for PJ Dozier. Dozier went down late in the game against the Los Angeles Lakers and immediately grabbed at his hip/groin area as he limped off the floor. This injury to the young scrappy PJ Dozier is a heart breaker for Nuggets fans especially as we get closer and closer to the playoffs.

Dozier has really stepped up after the devastating Jamal Murray injury. He has been getting downhill with ease, drawing attention and kicking out to open shooters. He is a capable operator of the pick-and-roll, especially with Aaron Gordon but doesn’t seem to have his timing down with Nikola Jokic as Facundo Campazzo does.

Dozier and Campazzo seem to have real chemistry together, they both play off one another well and neither seems to dominate the ball too much.

This injury opens more doors for Facu to prove his worth in the NBA. The Euro chemistry between Campazzo and Jokic cannot be understated, it seems like the two are always on the same page. It’s almost like they both read the game the exact same, the two are deadly in the pick-and-roll.

Both can make incredible passes to any spot on the floor which makes defending the two nearly impossible if a solid screen is set. Campazzo is used as the screener and ball handler in the pick-and-roll in Michael Malone’s offense and it has opened up driving lanes for Jokic as the defense cannot simply switch with the small guard.

Dozier has been unreliable from beyond the arc which was beginning to become a problem for the Nuggets as his man was essentially used as a double-teaming weapon.

If Austin Rivers is still being unreliable from the three-point line as well, there is a real chance the two can’t play together in the playoffs anyway. In 2021 there’s not enough room on the floor for two non-shooters to coexist even with the passing gift that Nikola Jokic has.

Another injury simply adds to another storyline to closely watch as the season winds down and the Nuggets head toward the playoffs. Luckily Denver is not close to the play in-game and will get some much-needed time off before starting the playoff push.