PointsBet CO: Last Chance for $50 Official Jersey From Fanatics

PointsBet Colorado and Fanatics' $50 official jersey promo is set to expire on Friday.
PointsBet Colorado and Fanatics' $50 official jersey promo is set to expire on Friday. /

Nuggets fans have never been fairweather — we’ve been with them through the ups and downs, never afraid to rep our team.

But you’ve gotta admit, it’s a lot more fun to wear your jersey with the pride of a championship to go along with it.

That’s why fans in Colorado have been so obsessed with the latest promo from PointsBet and Fanatics.

PointsBet Colorado Fanatics Jersey Promo

PointsBet Colorado will give you $150 in Fanatics credit, which you can use on any official jersey (or other merch) you’d like — and all it costs you is $50. Claiming the offer is really simple, too:

  1. Sign up for PointsBet with this exclusive Nugg Love link (no promo code required)
  2. Verify your account
  3. Deposit at least $50
  4. Place your first $50 bet before Friday at 10 a.m. MT

Within 72 hours, you’ll receive an email with your $150 in Fanatics credits to spend as you see fit.

It’s crucial you place your bet right away so that you unlock the offer before it expires. We always knew an offer like this was too good to stick around for long, and it’s coming to an end on Friday morning.

One part we really love is that you don’t even need to make an NBA bet to claim your offer.

You can bet on anything, and that includes NFL Week 2 action. Sunday’s Broncos-Commanders game has our attention, and that’s certainly where I’d like to get my first bet down. It’s especially nice that it doesn’t matter if your bet wins or loses — you get your jersey either way.

You probably already have a jersey or two, but this is the perfect opportunity to justify grabbing one more. And if you don’t have one yet? Even better — all fans should be able to rep their team on gameday, and now you can.

You have less than 24 hours to act though, so don’t wait too long and miss out. Everyone in Denver is going to repping their team with pride this season, and you don’t want to be the only one without an official jersey to do it.