Timberwolves star suddenly in jeopardy of missing game 2 vs Nuggets

Minnesota Timberwolves
Minnesota Timberwolves / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Everything went right for the Timberwolves in game one and they’ve got the Nuggets on the ropes a bit. Vibes have been immaculate in Minnesota and they’ve officially got the NBA community on notice. Fans and media seem to be looking at things a little differently after their resounding win in Denver and looking at the Wolves as legitimate contenders to win it all this season.

It seemed like nothing could go wrong, and nothing has, but the Wolves did get some news that may hurt their chances of winning game two Their star big man and Defensive Player of the Year favorite Rudy Gobert is now questionable to play in game two.

Rudy Gobert questionable for personal reasons

The good news is that Gobert is fine, and the reason his status is in doubt is because of the expected birth of his child. This is obviously great for Rudy and his family, but his absence would be a major blow for the T-Wolves on Monday night.

I’m sure the team has to have known this was a possibility and has been planning for it as best they can, but there is simply no replacing Gobert inside, especially with what he can do on the defensive end. He proved in game one what a major difference-maker he can be in this series, and the Nuggets will immediately go back to having the advantage down low if he can’t play.

While this is horrible timing for the Wolves, at least they already stole game one on the road so they are playing with house money a bit in game two. Plus, Gobert is only questionable, so there seems to be a chance that he could still play, potentially as a new father, which would be a huge boost for his team.

Even if he can’t go on Monday night, the hope would be that everything goes well and a well-rested Gobert is back in the lineup in Minnesota for game three, which isn’t until Friday night. Either way, this has become a major storyline to watch and one that will have a massive impact on game two of this Western Conference Semifinal.