Should the Denver Nuggets trade for Anthony Davis?

In the Mile High City, the groundwork has been laid for a championship run in 2022-23. With a stacked roster full of sharpshooters led by the back-to-back MVP Nikola Jokic at center, the Denver Nuggets have a chance to clinch their first title and rumor has it that all-star talent Anthony Davis has become available via trade from the Los Angeles Lakers.

With Davis by his side, Jokic and the Nuggets can mirror the look the Minnesota Timberwolves are giving teams with the combination of Karl Anthony-Towns and Rudy Gobert. Davis would make DeAndre Jordan disposable and finally bring peace to a crowd that has been clamoring for an answer at the center position (not named Jokic).

The Denver Nuggets are often a disaster when the Joker leaves the court and it’s no surprise. He commands so much attention and can change the game at the drop of a hat. His propensity to finish with a triple-double is uncanny and he makes every player around him better.

Davis is aging, now 29 years old. A perfect opportunity to pounce on a generational talent being made available by a drowning Lakers squad. Davis can cure what ails Denver and, to be honest, it would be nice not having to go up against him anymore, as he has been lethal against the Nuggets in his impressive NBA career.

The mile high is rocking right now with a 7-3 record and chemistry once again becoming cemented between Big Honey and Jamal Murray. The Blue Arrow is flourishing right now under Jokic’s wing and coming back from a terrible ACL injury to once again start looking like step-back vintage Jamal Murray.

As a Nuggets fan, it must be exciting to open the next chapter of the novel Murray and Jokic are writing. They’re currently making unspeakable music together. Add in a little spice with the hypothetical addition of The Brow, and you have Ball Arena bursting at the lid with talent and potential.

The Denver Nuggets would welcome Davis’ ability to steal and block the ball, as he ranks top-5 in that combined category so far on the season with 30. Davis can simply take over a game when he’s healthy, and that type of game-changing ability would go well with the “passive Jokic” persona on nights when Joker doesn’t have it in high gear when it comes to scoring.

The Brow has championship pedigree and would add only another headache to the Rubik’s cube the Nuggets are putting together in 2022-23.

Denver’s foot is on the gas right now as they contend with some of the top teams in the West, and players like Davis don’t become available often. With the Lakers struggling and looking for answers as the twilight of LeBron James’ career dwindles, Davis could be unloaded in the hopes of one last push for a championship in the City of Angels with Bron.

The question looms, what would Denver give up and what would Los Angeles request in a deal for Davis? Names like Jeff Green, DeAndre Jordan, and Bones Hyland come to mind when thinking of a package to put together in order to land the perennial All-Star.

Parting with the likes of Murray, Michael Porter Jr., Jokic, Aaron Gordon or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope seems farfetched, and the deal is unlikely to happen in the Mile High, but the thought of teaming Jokic up with another talent like Davis makes Mile High Basketball fans’ heads spin.

Davis is worth a dart throw and likely still has some gas left in the tank, but he will be difficult to acquire. With the way the Denver Nuggets’ roster is gelling right now under head coach Michael Malone, new general manager Calvin Booth is unlikely to spring for a center like Davis right now, but the idea is tantalizing.

Regardless, Denver must continue to think outside the box and not be satisfied with DeAndre Jordan as their backup center. Although, at a mile high and with no championships under our belt, all options must be explored.